Need a Reboot?  
A juice cleanse is an excellent way to increase nutrient intake, reduce toxic load and to begin the healing process by slowing down digestion, which is one of the most taxing energy stressors on the body.  Food takes energy to digest, which takes away from the energy it needs to support other important bodily functions, so it’s good to give your digestive system a break every now and then. Fasting and cleansing allows the body to work on other ‘house cleaning’ besides digesting, assimilating and eliminating the last snack or meal.

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​Is a juice cleanse right for you?

If you are dealing with disease or chronic illness, we always recommend doing a cleanse only with a doctors guidance and permission.  A juice cleanse is a fast where a person consumes only juice for a number of predetermined days.  Most people start with a 3-Day cleanse, while some customers choose to do intermittent juice fasts for 1 day a week.

How to properly do a juice cleanse.

We HIGHLY recommend following a strict diet before and after cleansing to maximize the benefits you'll experience.  For at least 3-days prior, follow a plant based diet, eliminating all meat, dairy, eggs, sugars, artificial foods.  Focus on eating raw fruits & vegetables, unprocessed whole grains (such as brown rice, quinoa, lentils), nuts & seeds.  Eating these high fiber foods allows your body to digest and eliminate any junk left in your intestines/colon.  Bowel movements are super important during this time so you want to make sure you do your best to empty them while eating foods that aid in smooth digestion and that are nutrient dense.  Starting a juice cleanse is best when your body has an empty pallet to work with.  Following your pre-cleanse, a 3-Day juice cleanse is great to flood your body with the nutrients it needs.  During the juice cleanse, you’re fasting while still fueling our cells with a super-dose of enzymes, nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals that will help breakdown diseased tissues in the body.  When your cleanse is complete, we highly recommend returning to your pre-cleanse diet for at least 2 days so that your body can easily digest what you put into it.  Each day of a juice cleanse from The Juice Box comes with FOUR 16oz juices, packed with nutrients for maximum absorbency.  We suggest consuming half of a juice at a time, for EIGHT 8oz servings per day.  Water & herbal teas can be consumed between but should not be taken 30 minutes prior and post consuming a juice.  

Why is a juice cleanse more expensive than just buying the juices?

The juices that we make to order are loaded with nutrients and are an ideal addition to any healthy diet, but our juices made for cleanses are WAY more nutrient dense because we use a slow juicer to prepare them, the juices retain far more of their enzymes and nutrients than they do when they go through the commercial centrifugal juicer.  This allows your juice to have more power to its punch.  Additionally, these juices have a 3-day shelf life before real nutrient degradation as opposed to the juices made on site, which oxidize during the juicing process and then continue to oxidize afterwards at a much faster rate.  This means that juices ordered on site should be consumed rather quickly, while juices made for a cleanse are made on equipment that allows the juice to remain intact for a period of about 72 hours.  Because this process takes time to prepare, a 48 hour lead time is required for all cleanses ordered online and in the store.  Due to the process it takes to make these nutrient powerhouse juices, the time required, the equipment, the jars and the quantity AND quality of juice are all of the reasons why a juice cleanse is a little more of an investment.

All juice cleanses must be paid in full at the time the order is placed.