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Your burning questions answered!

Find answers to the questions we get asked most!   Seriously....these are the most asked questions...

What is the difference between juices and smoothies, and why juice?
Smoothies are made in blenders which pulverize the entire fruit or vegetable with other ingredients to create a thick beverage. Juices are made in juicers which extract the liquid from the fruits or vegetables and discards the fiber resulting in a thinner liquid nutrient dense beverage.

But I thought fiber was good for me?

Fiber is GREAT for you and should be included in every healthy diet. Fiber's main job is to aid digestion by carrying things out through elimination but it will also carry out many nutrients with it.

Quick anatomy lesson:

DIGESTION is the process by which your body it consumes food/drink, breaks it down, absorbs what is needed and eliminates what is not.

So why juice?

Because when you remove the fibers and are left with a nutrient dense liquid and that liquid hits your intestines, the nutrients are practically absorbed like a sponge and then distributed to your bloodstream where it is carried it to the rest of your body. Your body is able to easily absorb these nutrients because the fiber is not in the way trying to carry it out. It is almost like taking those nutrients and injecting them into your blood. Obviously, this happens as a result of removing the fiber so it is often best to drink juice on an empty stomach and then wait at least 20 to 30 minutes before eating anything so nothing else can carry those healthy little buggers out also.

Do you serve toast all day?

You're damn right we do!  Toast may seem like an odd menu item but it's super awesome.  Made using organic bread, we top those suckers with all sorts of crazy good combinations.  One toast is a great snack.  Two is enough for a meal!

What is your favorite juice?

We do not have the answer to this question!  Because we created the recipes, we love them all equally like children!  It all depends what you're in the mood for.  Looking for something refreshing?  Go for the Cucumber Mojito.  Want something with a little kick and a flavor that dances on your taste buds?  The Pico OhMyOh!  They are all so unique in their own ways!

Do you sell wheatgrass?

Yes.  And no.  Yes, we sell the cut wheatgrass but we do not juice it here. 


Because I will puke if I smell it.  I know its good for you but the smell makes me gag and I despise it with every fiber of my being AND.....we sell something EVEN BETTER than wheatgrass nutritionally: E3Live.  Seriously...this stuff is amazing.  Also has a totally funky flavor like licking the bottom of a lake, but it's AMAZING and E3Live has TEN TIMES more chlorophyll than wheatgrass!  Plus, I would rather lick the bottom of a lake then throw back something that smells like a lawnmower.  >>>gag<<<

Do you have vegetarian or gluten-free options?

Yes and yes.  Lots.  And vegan.  And raw.  And paleo.   The Juice Box was created so that anyone on a non-typical SAD (Standard American Diet) diet would be able to come in and order something.  

Can I have the recipes?

Can I have your first born?  

Are you hiring?

Sometimes!  You can download an application right on this page....look up and to the left!  

How did The Juice Box get started?
Short question with such a long answer!  I guess it has been manifesting for years now.   In 2008 we celebrated my daughters 1st birthday and a family friend captured the whole thing on video.  Days later when I sat down to relive my sweet baby's shining moment I saw someone I literally didn't recognize on camera.  Who was that stranger and wait......that's the shirt I was wearing....those are the jeans...HOLY HELL can that REALLY be MY big butt I'm staring at??  It was.  I literally didn't recognize myself.  The years of growing up thin and eating whatever I wanted were over.  Age and childbirth had set in and I was still 40lbs heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight.  That began my mission for weight loss...which led to about a year of studying, fad diets and even prescription weight loss medication.  Then I read some books that changed my life and I began my complete diet overhaul.  With a little bit of exercise, a complete 180 of my pantry and a juicer, I took off all of the weight and even better, I stopped getting sick all of the time.