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Juice Box


The Juice Box offers several options for juice cleanses.  Read below and if you need help deciding which is the right path for you, give us a call or stop in to see one of our awesome Juicing Ninjas or Goddesses!  All cleanses are made fresh daily for morning pick-ups.  Jars get traded in daily and all cleanses include an insulated bag for transport home. 

diy cleanses

     Our DIY cleanses are exactly that: You choose your juices.  Each day consists of 72oz of juice in 3 different blends.  Choose from any of our signature recipes.  We juice your veggies.  You trade in the empty jars the next day for your next day's worth.  We recommend enjoying 12oz at a time throughout the day. 

     3-Day  $115

    5-Day  $175

    Can't come in daily?  Add $20  for cold-pressed juice with a 3-day shelf life

Custom Juice Cleanses

    Our custom juice cleanses are just like our DIY except that we will create custom juices for you based on your body's needs and you won't be limited to only choosing juices from our menu.   Custom cleanses also include 1 immune boosting shot per day. 

       3-Day  $145

       5-Day $200

*Disclaimer:  If you are under a doctor or health professional’s care, please seek advice before undergoing a cleanse. People using prescription medication should not do a cleanse longer than 3 days without medical supervision. While juice fasting is not a new concept and has been used successfully for centuries, The Juice Box Café LLC, it's employees, officers and owners, do not make any claims of the effectiveness of juice fasting to cure illness, heal illnesses, weight loss, or any other medical claim. During a detox you will probably feel great, but some experience lows, both physically and mentally. If anything is overwhelming, physically or emotionally, seek medical attention immediately. Longer term cleanses should be conducted under a health professional’s care. Colonics, the Sweat Spa, massage, saunas, yoga and hot baths are recommended to assist the detox process.

Raw Alert: Puree juice and nutmilk has intentionally not been pasteurized and, therefore, may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.

Allergy Alert: Our vegan kitchen also processes nuts, grasses and seaweeds. All juice, nutmilk and food is made on shared equipment with such allergens.

By signing below, I acknowledge that all of my answers are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that I understand the above, that a cleanse can bring forth negative effects, that I am doing this of my own free will and at my own risk and The Juice Box Café LLC is not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from a juice cleanse/feast.

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