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Juice Box


The Vision

To see Lakeland into a Healthier & Greener Future    Lakeland has grown exponentially over the past 10 years and what was once barely noticed on the map has become quite a thriving community full of local artisans with ever-growing dining options and an eclectic population of people.  The Juice Box looks forward to catering to the needs of a growing cultural mecca by offering greener options and a menu to support a growing economy whose tastes are moving in a healthier direction. One of main goals is twofold: One to provide Lakeland with a new concept of health food that doesnt taste like sticks and foliage.  And two: to be able to provide options for those on alternative whole foods based diets.  Vegetarians, vegans and paleos will all find something here.  This is not a nut-free facility but we do have a Nut-Free pitcher for smoothies for those with nut allergies

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We use only the best ingredients that keep
customers coming back AGAIN ANd again.  We source as much produce as possible from local and organic farmers and the vast majority of all of the food and drinks we make are organic.

The Mission

 To share our passion of fresh juice and healthy food with a community starving for it.    ​In 2012, US News named the Lakeland - Winter Haven area on the TOP 10 List of the most obese cities in the country  This shocking statistic is numbing because despite Lakeland's expanding waistline, we are starving for real nutrients.  Our bodies are full but not of quality ingredients that promote health. Our passion is to be able to serve Lakeland juices, smoothies and food that actually promote health and wellness.  Though our menu doesn't specify due to lack of space, our menu of both food and drink is almost entirely organic. We purchase from organic suppliers for produce and source locally when possible. 

the motto

 "It's Not a Diet...It's a Lifestyle"
 Juicing isn't just about turning vegetables into juice. It extends further than that because if you recognize the importance of the nutrients you consume when you juice you also understand the importance of the quality of those fruits and veggies. It has a snowball effect...when you care about the quality of the produce (organic!)  you begin to make changes to help keep our environment clean so that the vegetables can grow from a cleaner soil to nourish your body. When you understand carbon footprints it goes even further than soil and extends to keeping things more local. While we are far from perfect, we are doing what we can to reduce our footprint. At The Juice Box  you will find that most of all the disposables here are compostable. Most of the furnishings, decor and appliances were purchased or found, upcycled, recycled and reused. The vast majority of the produce and ingredients used at The ‪Juice Box are organic and we will source as much as we can from local family farms. We will showcase local artists and carry products from local vendors in our small retail area.  Our motto is "Its Not a Diet. It's a Lifestyle" because, well, really....it just is.