We are SO EXCITED to share this cleanse event with you! It has been about TWO years since we have done a meal prep event so this is long overdue!

Join us this NOVEMBER 2019 for a 10 DAY Ultimate Fall Reboot. Perfectly scheduled to help you cleanse your body just before all of that pesky holiday food gets us. While many customers enjoy doing their juice cleanses, few really enter into them properly. Extending your cleanse before and after the actual juice fast will help you to see far more benefits in bloat reduction, weight loss, mental clarity and overall health and healing. This carefully designed 10 day program will get you started off on the right foot, help to maximize the benefits from your juice fast and ease you back in to your normal food routine.
This exclusive cleanse Is only available to a limited number of participants due to time and space constraints. This Ultimate Fall Reboot includes:
🍠2 Days of delicious juices, smoothies and meals specifically designed to help your body get rid of gunk and toxins before we flood it with nutrients.
🍠2 Days  of all raw meals to prep your body for the raw juice fast
🍠3 days of all juice, planned so that your body is flooded with a plethora of nutrients to help detoxify and heal your body
🍠1 Day of raw meals post-fast to ease your body into eating solids again
🍠2 Final days of both raw and cooked meals to set you up for success following this 10 day program
🍠 A worksheet guide to help you through the process that includes menu, explanations for the process and helpful hints to maximize the benefits from your cleanse
🍠Additional wellness shots & raw plant based snacks not mentioned in the menu
🍠 Meals, juices, smoothies & shots you can’t just buy at The Juice Box. These are all meticulously planned for optimum results & satisfaction.
Like any healthy  detox or cleanse program, these meals are:
💚 Plant-based
💚 Gluten-Free
💚 Nutrient dense
💚 Free of refined sugars, artificial flavors, sweeteners and coloring
💚 Designed so that you don’t feel hungry or deprived
💚 Often made with seasonal ingredients like winter squashes and fall ingredients
💚 Made fresh with the highest quality ingredients
This Ultimate Fall Reboot will last 10 days and will require daily pickup except for the weekend days. While we understand this can be an inconvenience, the delicate nature of fresh food leaves it open to nutrient degradation if not consumed within a certain amount of time. Because we only want to be able to offer you the absolute freshest ingredients, we think you’ll agree that this minor inconvenience is worth the investment in your health.
(Lol) If you live in area codes 33813, 33812, 33803 & 33811, we can offer delivery for $5/day or $40 additional for all 10 days. While delivery is not a service we generally ever provide, we believe so strongly in the power of this cleanse that we want to do what we can to help you get it.
The Ultimate Reboot will start Nov 4 and end on Nov 13. Pickup will be daily between 8-10am. Delivery available by 10am. Remember if ordering online to add the delivery to your cart prior to checking out.
To reserve your spot for this event, call us today (863-225-5961), come see us in the store or you can book online via the ticket link in the Facebook event.
If you love this event and want to do it again or missed out and want to participate in the future, we have scheduled another for New Years that will start Jan 6.Type your paragraph here.